Which lens control systems are compatible with the cmotion Cinefade VariND?

The Cinefade system is only compatible with the cmotion cPRO lens control system at launch. Compatibility with the ARRI WCU4 is slated for a future software update or licence key but as of October 2018 there are no specific plans yet.

Originally the Cinefade system was only compatible with the cmotion cvolution system but this will be discontinued due to overwhelming demand for cPRO compatibility and for future-proofing.

The cmotion Cinefade VariND can also be used as a standalone filter without the need for a LCS. The ND value and polarisation angle are controlled via two user buttons on the Motorised Polariser and an OLED display reads out the current ND value or polariser angle. An LBUS to power (D-tap or RS) cable is needed to power the unit.

There are no plans yet to introduce compatibility with Preston, Tilta, Chrosziel or other LCS manufacturers.

Please feel free to contact us for more details or if you have any further questions.