How long does it take to set up and operate Cinefade?

The Cinefade system can be built onto the camera and set up in under 10 minutes. Once an iris motor is attached and calibrated the Static Polariser and the Motorised Polariser are inserted into the matte box. An LBUS cable connects the Motorised Polariser to the cforce RF motor or to the camin and calibration happens automatically.

Using the hand unit, the lens is mapped into the system if it hasn't been done already. The system is now ready to go.

Set the exposure, which becomes the position of deep depth of field and press the User button to activate the Cinefade. The iris motor is now slaved to the variable ND filter and the depth of field can be adjusted.

To save time on set, the lens mapping can be done during a prep day and all lens data saved into the system to be easily and quickly recalled when changing lens. A skilled Camera Assistant could setup the system in under five minutes, if the camera is already built. Please feel free to contact us for more details and send us your best times for a shout out on social media!

Cinefade is quick and easy to set up and operate