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The complete Cinefade system is available to hire worldwide directly through us from our base in London or through our rental partners Keslow Camera in the USA and ARRI Rental in Europe.

Please feel free to get in touch to enquire about availability and rates.

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Our Unique Service

We provide a complete three-motor cmotion cvolution LCS, the cmotion Cinefade VariND (available from December 2018), a matte box and all accessories, enabling your production to perform the Cinefade effect, as well as optional on-set support to help you get the most out of this novel form of cinematic expression.

Cinefade Founder Oliver Janesh Christiansen

Cinefade Founder Oliver Janesh Christiansen knows his Cinefade system better than anyone else and is available to offer guidance during pre-production and support during production.


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Five star rating for excellent service
Fantastic kit, easily incorporated into the day’s work. Oliver is fantastic and understands both his equipment and on-set practice perfectly.
— Rene Adefarasin, 1AC

Our Kit


Cinefade filter*

Static polariser

cmotion cvolution

hand unit

iris slider

focus knob



cmotion cworld

ARRI CLM4 motor

ARRI CLM5 motor

cmotion cforce motor

TLS Raven matte box

Pelicase 1510

Cables and accessories

*Please note that our new cmotion Cinefade VariND will be available for hire from December 2018.

Why hire from us?


Qualified Technician

After establishing Cinefade in 2016, Oliver has years of experience as a Cinefade Technician and has worked as a Camera Technician, Camera Assistant and Camera Operator since 2012. He is the inventor of Cinefade and knows his system better than anyone else.


Comprehensive kit

We include extras, such as a matte box, additional lens motor and accessories as standard so you don't have to hire any extra equipment and can even use our LCS as your AC's main FIZ control.


Lens Data

We have collected an extensive database of mapped lenses, which speeds up the setup process. We can create the most precise mapping data for best results with inaccurate vintage lenses.


Competitive Pricing

As inventors of Cinefade, it is our mission to enable DPs to experiment with this novel form of cinematic expression. It is therefore in our interest to offer discounted rates to qualifying low-budget productions and student filmmakers.


Worldwide Availability

Cinefade is available to rent from leading equipment rental companies that service productions worldwide.

Keslow Camera Los Angeles

ARRI Rental London

More coming soon...