Is it possible to combine a Cinefade with a Dolly-Zoom shot?

Yes, it is certainly possible to combine the two in-camera effects and the results are amazing.

DP Matti Eerikäinen combined the so-called Trombone shot with a Cinefade effect for an advert for Arla using an Alura 15.5mm - 45mm lens and transitioning from T22 to T2.8 to make the client’s product stand out from the background.

Arla commercial with Dolly-Zoom Cinefade shot

We also tested the combination with a Mark Roberts Motion Control setup, using a Milo rig to achieve a repeatable and precise shot.

The Milo rig dollies from 1m to 5m while zooming from 18mm to 80mm to achieve the Dolly Zoom effect. At 18mm the Cinefade effect starts at T16 to achieve maximum depth of field and then gradually transition to T2.8 at 80mm. See the results below, compared to a ‘normal’ Dolly Zoom shot at T16.


Dolly-Zoom Cinefade shot

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